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Overthought is a compelling examination of the lives of classical singers Isaiah Bell and Chris Mayell, discussing performance psychology, creativity, entrepreneurship, life balance, self-doubt and the ways we overcome challenges to attain artistic triumph.
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Jan 24, 2017

For Episode "Feel-Good Fifty" (it's our 50th episode, hurray for arbitrary milestones!) Chris and Isaiah attempt to loosen the shackles of confirmation bias. In this brief respite from our regularly scheduled programming ("Why Doing Music Makes Me Feel Bad, Parts 1-49"), we hear from soprano and music-psychotherapist-in-training, Lesley Emma Bouza. Throughout an interview that manages to be both educational and inspiring, Lesley eloquently advocates for her discipline via real-life examples of the who, what, and why.

How do the realities of daily life as a music therapist match up to our preconceptions? Who can benefit from music therapy? Is our societal perception of music as an elite art a hindrance or help in releasing its therapeutic properties — or can it somehow be both?

Lesley also graces us with a sweet and pithy haiku, and our fears that the Tibetan singing bowl is a heathen religious object are put squarely to rest.

-=- Show notes -=-

YouTube - Mozart: Laudate Dominum performed by TMChoir with soprano Lesley Bouza

YouTube - Music Improvisation - Lonliness, from Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Australia

YouTube - Music Therapy at the Holland Bloorview Kids Rehab, at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehab

Website - Laurier University - Music Therapy (MMT) Program Overview

YouTube - Meet Adam Zinatelli, Principal Trumpet with the Calgary Philharmonic Orcehstra

Copyright © 2017 Chris Mayell, Isaiah Bell

Jan 17, 2017

Have you ever had the feeling you're descended from a line of forgotten royals? How about a suspicion that your ancestors may have been a dynasty of chambermaids, valets, and tenant farmers? This week Chris and Isaiah welcome recurring guest Woeful Inadequacy back onto the podcast to talk about that deep-down feeling that not only may you not be doing well enough — you could actually just not be good enough.

Perhaps it served our forebears well, in their domestic duties, to feel that they were second-class, but when one has to get up in front of thousands of people on a regular basis and command attention, this becomes a less useful trait.

Chris finally cracks open his decorative copy of "Mind Over Mood", and Isaiah extols the virtues of accepting you're broken. PLUS a classic haiku to make you go 🤔...

Dec 6, 2016

Megan Ihnen – American mezzo, new music maven, writer, and self-described extrovert (I know! How exotic) – joins us this week to talk permission. Classical singers spend so many years – decades?! – being inculcated with respect for tradition (and humility about our own judgement) that some of us find ourselves, long into our professional careers, still asking for permission from some unseen authority to just do what we do. Does everyone feel this way? How do you balance respect for outside guidance with a sense of confidence in your autonomy? When can you start trusting your own taste, and your own skills? Is the Future Truly Now?? Commence animated discussion!

-=- Show notes -=-

Website - Megan Ihnen | Mezzo-Soprano

Website - The Sybaritic Singer | If classical music really were dead, I’d have a lot more time for yoga and bourbon...

Website - E-mail List Sign-up for all things 'Megan Ihnen'

Wigmore Hall/Kohn Foundation International Song Competition

YouTube - Bryn Terfel sings Schubert's 'An die Musik' with Malcolm Martineau at piano

Copyright © 2016 Chris Mayell, Isaiah Bell

Nov 22, 2016

This week Chris and Isaiah season Season Two's barrage of all-star guests with a brief return to the one-on-one format. And in classic Overthought fashion, we're going deep – deep into the neurotic mind.

Some egos are unassailable. They can trundle on, secure in their place in the world, in the face of hostile environments, personal inadequacies, or unfavourable public opinion. Those egos are not our egos. 'Oh, how refreshing,' I hear you say, 'An introspective exploration of self-esteem issues.' Well, perhaps this IS ground that's been traversed before, on occasion, but on those theoretical occasions Ayn Rand was left entirely out of it! In addition to rectifying that, this week's 'cast asks some tough questions: can one's sense of personal value ever detach itself from accomplishment? Is it possible to change your essential way of interacting with the world? Can we actually turn self-doubt into fuel instead of fretfulness?

-=- Show notes -=-

YouTube - Anchoring To Gain Instant Confidence With NLP, by Tim Brownson

Article - 'NLP Anchors - How to Feel Amazing On Demand'

Article - 'Barbara Hannigan, Multidimensional Performer and New Music Superstar!', by Joan Melton

Website - The Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique

Website - The Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education

Website - James McLennan, Tenor

Wikipedia - Red River Floodway

YouTube - Shampoo Prank, Pt. 7

Website - 'The Guest House', A Poem - Mrs. Mindfulness

Book - 'The Fountainhead', by Ayn Rand

Image - 'Picture of Ikea Sticker for Jamie'

Book - 'Speaking of Siva', by A.K. Ramanujan (Translator), Basavanna, Devara Dasimayya, Mahadeviyakka, Allama Prabhu

Copyright © 2016 Chris Mayell, Isaiah Bell

Nov 15, 2016

This week we sit down with a current University of Toronto undergrad: baritone Jacob Feldman (well, actually, we were lying down, but you can't say that on TV). What was initially conceived as a generalized investigation of "student life today" quickly developed into an exploration of Jacob's unique situation: specifically, the potential conflicts between his identities as an Orthodox Jew and as an aspiring opera singer. Chris and Isaiah learn a lot, Jacob speaks eloquently, and the Lucky 37 will forever after wonder what someone really means when they say, "Is it dark in here"?

-=- Show notes -=-

Website - Instagram - Jacob Feldman, Baritone

Website - Daniel Taylor, Countertenor

Website - The Phil and Eli Taylor Performance Academy for Young Artists at the Royal Conservatory of Music

Article - The 39 Melachot,

Websiter - Judaism 101 - Shabbat

YouTube - 'Lord, God of Abraham' from Mendelssohn's Elijah, sung by Gerald Finley

YouTube - 'Erwäge wie sein blutgefärbter' from Bach's Johannes-Passion (St. John's Passion), sung by tenor Thomas Moser.

Website - COC Ensemble Studio at the Canadian Opera Company

Website - MYOpera

Copyright © 2016 Chris Mayell, Isaiah Bell

Nov 8, 2016

When Dr. Leah Giselle Field, Esq., is our guest, the show is like baking soda and vinegar — very white, somewhat explosive, and a lot of fun.

We're talking career streams this week: Dr. Field has recently plunged into life as a (in her words!) "not-so-young young artist" after having taken the academic elevator straight to the top. Isaiah jumped into YAPs straight out of undergrad and has often wondered if it was the most prudent choice. Chris split the difference – getting a Master's degree because it was "what's done" – and all three have questions about how we are building foundations for young singers.

Is there such a thing as too much input for developing artists? How does the default Young Artist Program model promote sustainable growth? Can Classical music culture in general help singers buck the youth craze in order to build from the bottom up?

A lot is said, and – in true Overthought tradition – there are more questions than answers. However (in the seemingly original words of Dr. Leah Field) "the course of true love never did run smooth!"

-=- Show notes -=-

Website- Leah Giselle Field | LinkedIn

Website - UBC Music at The University of British Columbia

Website - Western Music - Don Wright Faculty of Music

Website - Vancouver Opera - The Yulanda M. Faris Young Artists Program

Website - The Old Trout Puppet Workshop

Article - 'The End of the Great Big American Voice', by Anne Midgette, New York Times


Copyright © 2016 Chris Mayell, Isaiah Bell

Oct 25, 2016

This one could have gone on for hours! Jenna Douglas – pianist-coach and captain of the intrepid ship that is – joins us this week for a topic that affects each of us nearly every day.

Working contract-to-contract means musicians are unusually dependant on a climate of good will. We have to weigh many decisions – whether to tell uncomfortable truths, to stand up for ourselves, to stick with a controversial artistic vision – against the possibility that they will threaten our livelihood.

How much is our fear of speaking our minds based in real danger? In theory, people respect self-confidence, but is there some safe point in a career before which you just can't afford to take any chances? And what about when you know the only thing you fear is... fear itself?!

Jenna also raises the bar for all subsequent guests (and for us!) by coming prepared with original haiku tailored to the subject matter! Now that's a pro.

-=- Show notes -=-

Website - Schmopera

Article - On the Recording of Opera Singers, Schmopera

Video - On the Recording of Opera Singers, Schmopera

Article - 'Shine on, Maureen Forrester', by MJ Buell, theWholeNote

Article - 'Audition season, or the annual Festival of Shattered Dreams', by Anonymous author

Website - Eric Owens, Bass-Baritone

Website - The Center for Nonviolent Communcation - Needs Inventory

Website - The Center for Nonviolent Communcation - How we hold "responsibility" and "accountability" in NVC?

Article - 'In Defence of Singers', by Jenna Douglas | Schmopera

Copyright © 2016 Chris Mayell, Isaiah Bell

Oct 18, 2016

Do you avoid looking at your bank balance? Do you feel guilty about spending money on anything other than essentials? Do you secretly welcome the clarity of having no money whatsoever, because it frees you from the panicky burden of fiscal responsibility?

You are not alone. Enter Chris Enns, tenor, certified financial planner, and self-described personal finance nerd. It was not long ago that Chris, who now runs the fabulous (subtitled "money help for artists"), was ignoring all that complicated, numbersy stuff. But when he found himself on the pointy end of a massive tax bill, he knew something had to change.

Isaiah and Chris ("Regular Chris") mostly listen in awe this week to Chris's story and his confidence-inspiring proclamations that you, too, can have a reasonably comfortable lifestyle. It's somehow both soothing and exciting... Could this be the most pleasant hour you've ever spent thinking about financial planning?

-=- Show notes -=-

Website - Rags to Reasonable - Money help for Artists

Article - 'Talking to kids about money: Study highlights importance of parents discussing financial matters with children' ScienceDaily

Website - You Need A Budget

Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows

© 2016 Copyright Chris Mayell, Isaiah Bell

Oct 11, 2016

EXTRA! EXTRA! For the first time in HISTORY, Overthought welcomes a guest co-host! Vivien Shotwell – author, singer, and GP (Good Pal) – joins Chris and Isaiah to discuss a matter very close to our hearts: "Taking One's Own Path."

All three of us devote a part of our working lives to a non-singing pursuit, despite traditional wisdom that discourages singers from attempting to be bi-vocational. And in the absence of appropriate role models, we all ask ourselves the same questions: If no one else has taken my path, how can I know if I'm fooling myself about its potential success? Is my parallel pursuit a distraction, or does it fulfill an essential need in me? Is there a way to do it without compromising?

After a three-month hiatus (a marriage, a honeymoon, and a major moving of house) Overthought is back, in a fresh three-headed format, for Season 2.


-=- Show notes -=-

Vivien Shotwell - Author by Day, Soprano by Night

Book - 'Vienna Nocturne', by Vivien Shotwell

Calgary Opera Emerging Development Program

Extension Method - About Jeniffer Nichols

Iowa Writers' Workshop

Brent Calis Photography

YouTube - The Vagabond, Vaughan Williams from The Songs of Travel

Movie - 'Florence Foster Jenkins'


Copyright © 2016, Chris Mayell, Isaiah Bell

Jul 12, 2016

It's weird to be a creature of habit in a career with constant changes of environment, workload, and colleagues; without the ability to maintain any regular routines, it can feel like you're not in control of your own life.

Habits and routine give our lives structure, but they can also, of course, be insidious. How many times, as performers, have we been warned about the dangers of "going on autopilot"?

This is where ritual can be a powerful tool. When we actively engage in familiar gestures and behaviours, it can work against the deadening effect of mindless routine. And for a performer who needs some sense of safety to allow for that thrilling release of control, rituals convince the nervous brains that we're on the same team.

This episode features the extensive introduction of yet another invisible cast member, "Li'l Carl". And if you thought WE had issues....

-=- Show notes -=-

Our disclaimer page

Article - 'Motivation is Overvalued. Environment Often Matters More', by James Clear

Video - 'You Don't Say', by John McIntyre Baltimore Sun

© Copyright 2016, Isaiah Bell & Chris Mayell

Jul 5, 2016

So many performing artists find themselves sharing their lives with people from outside the artsy career pool. Coincidence? For Chris and Isaiah, two strong proponents of this odd-couple lifestyle, the benefits are manifold. Are there drawbacks? And what goes ON in the minds of these Citizens of the Real World, drawn like masochistic moths to people in the grip of the greedy artist life? This episode (featuring a dramatic sound-quality upgrade that occurs mid-cast) was inspired by a suggestion from celebrity Schmopera-blogger Jenna Douglas. You can suggest too!

-=- Show notes -=-

Twitter - Jenna Douglas


What Three Words

IMDb - Dark Victory (1939)

YouTube - Clip from Dark Victory-Judy becomes blind

Website - xkcd - (

Website - Cornell Astronomy - Ask an Astronomer

Website - Reddit - LPT:When trying to see an object in the dark dont look straight at it but slightly next to it, itll be way easier to see.

YouTube - Codenames (Board Game) - How To Play

© Copyright 2016, Isaiah Bell & Chris Mayell

Jun 28, 2016

Life is crazy, OK? The ups. The downs! Even the middles... are crazy. And everything is exaggerated under the microscope of performance pressure. So it's healthy to try to keep an even keel when possible, yes? Honestly? We don't know.

Is it false and unhelpful to force "balance" in the face of the vicissitudes of life? For those of us whose ultimate Saturday night involves peace, quiet, and an early bedtime, adrenaline and nerves are hard to embrace. But what if life just Isn't about feeling normal?

Things get very real very quickly in this episode, and the whole discussion is capped off by what could possibly be the most depressing Benjamin Button tagline ever imagined. Remember: we know nothing.

-=- Show notes -=-

Video - Our (unused!) Acceptance Speech for the 2016 Podcast Awards #pc2016

Website - Daniel Taylor, Countertenor - 'Four Thousand Winter' CD

Book - 'The Cambridge Companion to Monteverdi', by John Whenham, Richard Wistreich

Website - Dan Benjamin, host of Back to Work

Article - 'Ontario funeral business dissolves the dead, drains liquid into sewer system', by

Image - 'My Childhood Punishments'

Book - 'Tale of Genji'

YouTube - 'Gattaca' - Never saved anything for the swim back

Jun 21, 2016

It took two false starts (Episode 35 and "The Bad One") and an 11th-hour data-loss scare before our discussion of Boundaries could be unleashed upon the world. [But aren't boundaries always difficult to establish? ...*sage nodding*...]

Chris can find himself going WAY beyond the call of duty in his dealings with certain hard-to-please clients... But is it keen business acumen, or poorly defined boundaries?

Meanwhile Isaiah reveals a shocking and unfortunate default mindset (another one?!) - a sort of evil twin to "innocent until proven guilty". Do we people-pleasers actually look for excuses to enable other people to take advantage of us? And are we just vulnerable to other people's problems because we're Sensitive Artistes?

This episode features our first attempt at introducing ourselves and "who we are today" at the top of the show. Because even we get our voices confused sometimes. For serious.

-=- Show notes -=-

Website - Car2go

Website - IMDb - Lady Dynamite (TV Series, 2016-)

Website - Instagram - MaximumMabel (Isaiah's dog)

Article - 'Why Don't You Respond to My Awesome Email Messages?', by Merlin Mann

Article - Bring Versus Take

Article - 'Are You a People Pleaser?', by Sherry Pagoto Ph.D.

Article - '21 Tips to Stop Being a People Pleaser', by Margarita Tartakovsky, M.S.

YouTube - Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross, "Always Be Closing" Full Speech

Featured Image - 'three-fifty-six/three-sixty-five', by Laura Bittner
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Jun 14, 2016

For the first time ever, Chris and Isaiah are podcasting simultaneously from the very same room!? To mark this momentous occasion, and the arrival of Episode Number Lucky 37, we're talking about Good Things! Positivity! Optimism! For one thing: why is it so much easier to focus on the negative? Perhaps we learn more from bad experiences - but is life appreciation a skill we can actually acquire? And is there some universal truth behind "The Secret" or is optimism naïve? We also bid goodbye — for now — to our omnivorous Disclaimer (with a duet recitation!). Episode 38 will herald somewhat of a new dawn in our format, but don't worry - if circuitous navel-gazing is what you've come for, circuitous navel-gazing you shall have.

-=- Show notes -=-

Website - Schmopera

YouTube - Lemur Requires To Scratch His Back

YouTube - Viral Video UK: Monkey loves to be groomed!

Website - Instagram - Mabel The Dog

Website - Classical Classroom, with host Dacia Clay | Houston Public Radio

YouTube - 'Travelling Companion', by David Wilcox

YouTube - 'Louis CK - about airplane Wi-Fi'

Featured Image - 'Cocoa Avocado Brownies' by Janet Hudson
Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0); modified to include episode title and 'Overthought' 'O-style' logo/

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Jun 7, 2016

Dear Overthought Podcast Subscribers: This is not a drill. Things went seriously wrong this week, and, well, we didn't have time to make good. It's not that we didn't record. We did. It's just... Well, we all have off days — right?? Anyway. There are those among you with a macabre fascination for the depths of human neurosis. To you, and you alone, we offer up — with this caveat — a tangled, halting, and perversely meta cri de coeur uncomfortably reminiscent of an improvised open-mic homage to "Synecdoche, New York" performed by a pair of jet-lagged preteens with crippling social anxiety.

Sure, there's a compelling misquote or two. Yes, if you listen through to the end there's some pretty badass 1000-year old poetry juxtaposed against haiku that just couldn't be fresher (composed in real time, you guys). Aching to hear Mrs. Dalloway analyzed at length by someone who hasn't read it since college? Look no further. But, let us reiterate: it's no good. (Not Mrs. Dalloway — that stuff is gold... If memory serves.) We literally could not even get through the disclaimer, which was eventually abandoned on the wayside like a malfunctioning disposable camera.

But we'll make it up to you! Next week is Episode Number Lucky 37 and, for the first time ever, Chris and Isaiah will be recording In The Same Room. There's even a rumour it will be a Double Episode. Double Rainbow!! It's always darkest before the dawn?

-=- Show notes -=-

Book - The Ink Dark Moon: Love Poems by Ono no Komachi and Izumi Shikibu, Women of the Ancient Court of Japan

Book - The Collapse of Western Civilization, by Naomi Oreskes and Erik M. Conway

Website - IMDb - The Hours

Book - 'The Hours', by Michael Cunningham

Featured Music: Sousa - With Pleasure (Dance Hilarious) - United States Marine Band, via MusOpen

Theme Music: Slyvius Leopold Weiss's Preludio in E Major, played by Jeff Carter

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May 31, 2016

In the most extreme occurrence of invasive OUTBREED (Overthought Unrelated Tangent Based on Recent Experience, Event, or Discovery) ever recorded, Chris and Isaiah set out to discuss one topic and end up spending the entire hour on a very different one.

While Chris contemplates wading into a new market (NEW! YORK! CITY!), Isaiah confronts old anxieties in the audition room. What would happen if every bad thing we're secretly afraid of actually came true? Are risks and investments wasted if we can't show our best selves when it matters most? How can we convince that tender little turtle of creative individuality to stick out his head in a hostile environment?

Startling Admissions! Shocking Techniques! Real World Tales In Gritty, Unflinching Detail! Begin befriending your own inner child today, with the help of our combined sixty-four (64!) years of life experience....

-=- Show notes -=-

YouTube - Katamari Damacy - Full HD gameplay on PCSX2

Article - 'The Weight Watchers: Candid photos taken by an obese woman reveal how strangers REALLY react to her on the street - from disapproving smirks to looks of disgust', by Siofra Brennan

YouTube - David Wilcox performs "Start with the ending" at WDVX

Wikipedia - Sky Gilbert

Joel Klein Music - Maria Toilette!work/cjg9

Book - The Short Stories of Guy de Maupassant: Madame Husson’s “Rosier” (Le Rosier de Madame Husson)

Website - ImDB - Friends - 'The One with the Fake Monica'

Image - Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs, but with WiFi

Featured Image: 'Reese Loves Pizza', by Donnie Ray Jones, (Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)) - cropped, and modified to include show logo and show title

Featured Music: Sousa - With Pleasure (Dance Hilarious) - United States Marine Band, via MusOpen

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May 24, 2016

and it opens the door for us to fully realize our creative potential. Right? ........riiiiiight. The course of uvulas never did run smooth, as Shakespeare probably once said.

Singers so regularly hear that technique is our bedrock and our safety net that it seems obvious (to those of us living inside or own heads) that the path to consistency lies in closely monitoring and controlling the actions of our bodies. But singing is infinitely more than just the mechanics of bellows, reed, and resonance. And believing we can always achieve the desired results with just this limited view of "technique" is a recipe for frustration.

But can an overthinker ever learn to trust the less concrete forces that shape our art??? In this episode, the fellas spend an unprecedented amount of time on Highly Relevant tangents and preamble BEFORE even launching into the central theme, so if you hate fun, fast forward to 23:44!

-=- Show notes -=-

Clemance Hall Creative

WebMD - EMDR: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

Article - 'The surprisingly easy way to reduce your anxiety', by Amy Ellis Nutt

Website - Altschmerz - Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows

YouTube - Schmopera - On Opera Singers and Recording

Image - A Guide for Walking from Chris' Place to Isaiah's Place

YouTube - Natalie Dessay - Amor (Richard Strauss Opera Scenes & Lieder)

Article - 'Use Interval Training to Hit Your 5K and 10K Potential', by Greg Hitchcock

Article - Wikipedia - Matsuo Basho

Featured Image: 'Rubik's Cube Solution', by Patrizio Custico, via Flickr

Featured Music: Sousa - With Pleasure (Dance Hilarious) - United States Marine Band, via MusOpen

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All Rights Reserved

May 17, 2016

"It's 4 p.m. and I haven't been a useful member of society yet," says Chris at the top of the show. When schedules are self-directed, the pressure to make our time count can be at its worst. Which could be fine, were it simply to motivate us and then dissipate. Unfoooortunately, the feeling that we're not getting enough done often persists after - and even during - productive periods. In addition to causing general discomfort, this can interfere with our ability to recharge and with our capacity to enjoy the non-work side of life. Ironically, it can also actually impede creativity and productivity, leaving us skipping restlessly from one thing to the next in a vicious cycle of dissatisfaction. Why? Ask our pioneer ancestors, I guess. Chris and Isaiah peel back the layers in what is likely an ongoing exploration of what drives us to be driven. PLUS EXCITING SPECIAL BONUS: stay tuned til the end for a mini-preview of one thing our productivity is producing these days — a show written by Isaiah and starring Chris (alongside a cornucopia of other Canadian talent) next January!

-=- Show notes -=-

Image - Screen capture of Chris' daily step count

IMDb - 'The Entire History of You', Black Mirror

'When You Die, Your “In Basket” Won’t Be Empty', by Richard Carlson

Book - 'Don't Sweat the Small Stuff', by Dr. Richard Carlson

Book - 'Getting Things Done®', by David Allen

Book - 'Mindfulness with Breathing: A Manual for Serious Beginners', by Ajahn Buddhadasa Bhikkhu

YouTube - Cricothyroid Joint movement stretching the vocal folds of the larynx Melissa Largent

YouTube - Dog of Wisdom

YouTube - Family Guy, Season 13 - Scary Stuff, LUNCH!

Featured Image: 'Bamboo' by Rob King, via Flickr

Featured Music: Sousa - with_pleasure (dance hilarious) - United States Marine Band, via MusOpen

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May 10, 2016

Are you an artist? Have you ever heard someone innocently say something like "Keep following your dreams!" and had an irrational attack of irritability? (If not, DO keep following your dreams! Passion gives your soul wings. #blessed). We know being a professional in the arts is a privileged position, but clichés about the magic and whimsy of the artist's life can still touch a nerve. Is it because we'll always be hungry to be taken seriously? Or does that free spirit from the TV commercials just bear no relation to our real lives? Chris and Isaiah unpack the reasonable and less-than-reasonable elements of this knee-jerk reaction, and in the process Chris composes a topical haiku - ON THE SPOT, you guys!

-=- Show notes -=-

YouTube - Leo Reisman Casino Royal Orchestra - Katie Went To Haiti 1939 Cole Porter

Schmopera - 'The Business of Passion' by Isaiah Bell

Schmopera - 'Performers: unwilling players of mind games', by Jenna Douglas

Webpage - Tom Diamond, director

Featured Music: Sousa - with_pleasure (dance hilarious) - United States Marine Band, via MusOpen

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May 3, 2016

We're all familiar with that sickest of grown-up burns: I'mnotmad, I'm just disappointed. Well, we're all grown-ups now; howdowe cope when life disappoints us? With personal failure wecanalways turn our focus to trying to do better next time, butwhatabout when things just don't go out way through no fault ofourown? Do we get mad? Or do we somehow try to stay Zen? Like, doweliterally read half a book called "The Zen Way to MartialArts"[Penguin, 1992] and then try to convince everyone that wenowpractice The Way? Only one thing is certain: Overthoughtepisodesnow feature a wicked haiku sign-off.

-=- Show notes -=-

Bengal Spice Herbal Tea, by Celestial Seasonings

YouTube - Lean Startup Lessons: Changing Course on a BusinessIdeaWithout Giving Up

Book - 'The Lean Startup', by Eric Ries

IMDb - Black Mirror

Wikipedia - Be Right Back (Black Mirror), Episode ofBlackMirror

'Microsoft silences its new A.I. bot Tay, after Twitter usersteachit racism' [Updated], by Sarah Perez | TechCrunch:

Book - 'The Zen Way to the Martial Arts', by Taisen Deshimaru

'Mozart's movements and behaviour: a case of Tourette'ssyndrome?',by Aidin Ashoori and Joseph Jankovic

Book - 'The Inner Game of Music', by Barry Green, W.TimothyGallwey

Book - 'The Inner Game of Tennis: The Classic Guide to theMentalSide of Peak Performance', by W. Timothy Gallwey

Twitter - @depressionarmy, Depression Army™

Featured Music: Sousa - with_pleasure (dance hilarious) -UnitedStates Marine Band, via MusOpen

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Apr 26, 2016

030 show notes

The competitive spirit is pervasive and thinly veiled - even encouraged - in the world of music. (Is it that bad in fields outside the arts? We have only thi uninformed assumption to offer: Probably.) It's possible that an attitude of oneupmanship - and the over-awareness of one's own merits and faults that goes along with it - can have positive effects on the lives and careers of people that are NOT us. But we can't help but notice how much energy it sucks away from the creative headspace to always be trying to stay ahead of the next guy. (If we weren't quite so susceptible to this grubby little impulse, would we be better equipped to employ a healthy dash of competition to our advantage?) Chris also takes the opportunity to raise a soul-plumbing question - "Who ARE the Joneses?" - and Isaiah opens and closes the episode with a recitation of classic haiku. Never a dull moment....

-=- Show notes -=-

Book - The Essential Haiku: Versions of Basho, Buson, & Issa (Essential Poets)

Website - Merriam-Webster - Defintion of 'quicklier'

Website - I Love You

Website - The Useless Web

Website -

Website -

Book - City of Darkness, by Ian Lambot

'Photos' - xkcd comics

Kirsten Dunst Selfie Short Film Called Aspirational by Matthew Frost

Featured Music: Sousa - with_pleasure (dance hilarious) - United States Marine Band, via MusOpen

Featured Image: 'I'll carry mine...', photo by Ann Rosener - Library of Congress Digital Images

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Apr 19, 2016

Perfectionism: necessary condition for high-quality output, or pathological and counterproductive compulsion? FIND OUT HERE! Chris and Isaiah, two accredited perfectionists, would like to set the record straight. Where does perfectionism come from? It's certainly responsible for endless general dissatisfaction - and the abandonment of many worthwhile endeavours - but is it a valuable tool, or is it more trouble than it's worth? Can it be harnessed? Amid legitimately topical tales of craft projects gone wild, we also take our first Overthought-coined acronym out for a test spin. What could OUTBREED possibly mean? Find out heeeeeeere.....

-=- Show notes -=-
Colt Express, Board Game | BoardGameGeek

Tutorial for Wood Prints - YouTube

Aidan Ferguson, mezzo-soprano

According to the dictionary, “literally” now also means “figuratively”, by Dana Coleman

Hamilton - Official Broadway Site

Vivien Shotwell, Author of Vienna Nocturne, Soprano

SciShow - Why Do We Have Butt Hair?

Treats and Snoozin

SciShow - Aphids: Weird Poop, Weirder Babies

Image of Isaiah's Tree Angel, named Cecilia

Image of another of Isaiah's Tree Angels

Apr 12, 2016

Ever the contrarians, Chris and Isaiah turn from debunking the myth of Success to looking for the bright side of Failure. Everyone knows we're supposed to see our missteps as growth opportunities, but it's hard to embrace failure when it just feels so god-damned bad. Would it be easier if we could learn to excise the idea of failure from our emotional vocabulary entirely? Or is it the worst kind of academic nonsense to even suggest that, since failure - and our reactions to it - seems to be such an essential part of the human experience? Sigh. To test their theories, the fellas dredge up memories of Real-Life Times when things did not go so well, and Isaiah repeatedly demonstrates his fear of failing in even the tiniest ways as he squanders valuable listener time searching for Exactly The Right Word (when an imperfect synonym would do just fine).

-=- Show notes -=-

The City of Regina

'Rory McIlroy’s U.S. Open win : The art of an epic comeback', by Jena McGregor | The Washington Post

YouTube - 'Failing - A very difficult piece for solo string bass' composed by Tom Johnson, played by Corey Schutzer

'Why Am I Obsessed With a Cellphone Game About Collecting Cats?', by Ryan Bradley | The New York Time Magazine

'A Dog’s Purpose According To A 6 Year Old'

Music: Sousa - with_pleasure (dance hilarious) - United States Marine Band, via MusOpen

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