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Overthought is a compelling examination of the lives of classical singers Isaiah Bell and Chris Mayell, discussing performance psychology, creativity, entrepreneurship, life balance, self-doubt and the ways we overcome challenges to attain artistic triumph.
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Oct 27, 2015

Chris and Isaiah wonder if confidence a necessary "next step" that takes you from being an enthusiastic amateur to a true professional. If this is the case, then why are some highly skilled professionals so lacking in confidence, while some other less-talented folk can exude confidence so easily. What is the crucial distinction between confidence and arrogance? Surely, true confidence must come from a quiet and genuine spot from within. But then, to be truly confident, do we lose that part of us which seeks to strive for better?

-=- Show Notes -=-

YouTube: The Sound of Music - I Have Confidence

YouTube: Carrie 1976 They're All Going to Laugh at You [GRAPHIC/VIOLENT CONTENT]

Book: 'Come, Thou Tortoise', by Jessica Grant

Wikipedia - Too long; didn't read;_didn't_read

Article: 'Hedonic Treadmill: Happiness Throughout a Lifetime'

Article: 'Easily Distracted By Noise? You Might Just Be A Creative Genius'

YouTube: British English Slang "Chuffed"

Theme Music: Slyvius Leopold Weiss's Preludio in E Major, played by Jeff Carter

Oct 20, 2015

In this discussion about life's irregularity (geographical, financial, social, mental), Chris & Isaiah attempt to determine if this irregularity is a necessary component in The Singer's Life. Is your creative mind sparked when your life is so transitory that you can't remember your current hotel room number? Why do we sometimes crave regularity, but then feel near-instant boredom when we finally experience it?
Isaiah impulsively & briefly describes 9-5 jobs as "magical", and Chris forgets how to speak properly.

-=-Show notes-=-

Wikipedia - The Uncanny Valley

Podcast - OnBeing, September 21, 2015 with Ellen Langer

YouTube - The Attitude of the Beginners Mind by Jon Kabat-Zinn

Book - 'Theatre of the Unimpressed' by Jordan Tannahill

Website - 'Marion Newman, Mezzo Soprano' (a.k.a. - Our very first giver of feedback ever!)

Website - xkcd comics

Oct 13, 2015

At some point, your career stops being defined by who you'll become, and starts being defined by who you are right now.
Isaiah and Chris talk about this transition, as they've experienced it so far. How is it that we grow into self-sharing artists, no longer afraid of the adjudicator's evaluation? Does this evolution of career happen the same for most singers? Does it serve us well? Does this tipping point actually exist?
Special background guest Connor chimes in on the jackhammer.

-=-Show notes-=-
YouTube - The Seventh Seal - Confession Scene

Folksong Collecting - International Percy Grainger Society

GoodReads - Ira Glass Quotes

'Oranges and Lemons' - English Children's Songs

Screen Shot of 'Brilliant Bach Rehearsal' in Chris' iTunes

Book - 'The Inner Game of Music', Barry Green

Book - 'The Inner Voice', Renée Fleming

Web Comic - 'All These People Seem To Have it Together'

Oct 5, 2015

A frustration at work causes Chris and Isaiah to take time out from their regularly scheduled programming to discuss the idea of "the long game". It's often necessary, especially in the early stages of a career, to work for free or for cheap - or, in fact, to invest time and money of one's own - to gain experience and build a reputation. But how do we tell the difference between an opportunity to invest in one's future, and someone simply taking advantage?